do you know what is lace wigs?

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 do you know what is lace wigs? Empty do you know what is lace wigs?

Post  singku on Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:41 pm

Black Pearl has 44 lace wigs with front and back lace. The one issue which can make or break this line for many women is the fullness of the hair. The fullness is not too much of a problem on the longer wavy styles but the shorter curled styles and straight textured lace front wigs are awkward. The curly styles are so full that the buy lace front wigs
begins to look like an afro because of layer after layer of curls.

The straight styles with exception of the “show girl” and “orchid” almost resemble unprocessed African-American hair after pressing with a hot comb. If you are looking for a sleek straight style, you will have trouble finding it here. With so much body on a straight style, I fear that tangling will come sooner than later.

Gold Pearl remy lace front wigs


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